The catalogue “Gated Istanbul” was published for the corresponding exhibition at A Trans c/o Zweigstelle Berlin as part of the 6th European Month of Photography Berlin.

Design in collaboration with Marius Förster.


Gated Istanbul,
Ekkehart Keintzel,
Published by Isolde Nagel,


The “Forum zur Genealogie des MedienDenkens” is a continuing series of conversations about the genealogy of media thinking held by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski at the Berlin University of the Arts. The book can be ordered at pro-qm.

Design in collaboration with Marius Förster and Stefanie Rau.


Siegfried Zielinski in conversation with Peter Weibel, Joachim Paech, Thomas Elsaesser, Florian Rötzer, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Hans Ulrich Reck and Boris Groys. Edited by Daniel Irrgang & Clemens Jahn.
Universität der Künste Berlin, 2013, 978-3-89462-242-8


Questions which are principally not determinable are for programs and systems as such of no value since they are too complex, ambiguous or paradoxical and therefore not comprehensible. By not allowing definite answers principally not determinable questions open a field of potentiality which gives space for an individual and personal definition.



The Principally not Determinable Question
This documentation is part of my BA-Thesis at the Berlin University of the Arts.


When the alphanumeric code of our society changes to a visual discourse, our thinking will also change fundamentally.
The two books each present two different possibilities of visualizing information: information as text and information as image. Vilém Flusser’s essay “Crisis of Linearity” is scaled “Content-Aware” and thus treated as an image where information is relative and not absolute. This process leads to text, or mere letters, which are not possible to be read or understood in a linear manner. The reader is forced to associate the separated elements of information into a new web of meanings and context.
The images generated by the algorithm reveal the principle of the operation. It abolishes the linearity of the text, draws lines across it and cuts out what appears to be less important. What remains is a fragment that looks like a text but is rather an image of a text.

“Information will no longer be linear and causal but propositional.”


These books are part of the “Postdigital is better” course held by Martin Conrads and Franziska Morlok at the Berlin University of Arts. Published in “War Postdigital besser?” Revolver Publishing.

Text “Crisis of Linearity” by Vilém Flusser, translated by Adelheid Mers.


The Gyro-Scan is a combination of a gyroscope, the measurement of tilt and acceleration, with a sclit-scan camera. The frames by the slit-scan creates an image with a timeline while the gyroscope positions each frames in space. This allows for a sculptural image which contains the movement of the photographer while creating the image. The image is no longer one snapshot which produces an image of a space but e series of snapshots that again transform into a three dimensional space. The image becomes a sculptural instant of a movement.



“grund_schule kunst bildung” is Prof. Dr. Kirsten Winderlich's new department at the Berlin University of the Arts. We designed the website and the first volume of a periodic publication. The topic of “place and space” is understood and portrayed in its multiplicities of perspectives. Through randomly generated and colored squares each cover becomes a new and unique composition.

In collaboration with Marius Förster.


grund_schule kunst bildung
band eins
Edition 450
Athena Verlag
2013, 978-3-89896-557-6
Programing: Olaf Spaarmann


This edition by the Berlin University of Arts student run magazine eigenart reflects upon the theme of “Ping Pong”. This constant movement of back and forth is understood as a temporary equilibrium of two opposing forces. The plugin Basil.js allowed us to translate this idea into the layout in form of variables that generate the arrangement and spacing. With this process a movement appears in the text and throughout the magazine.

Constantin Engelmann contributed a soundtrack to the video demonstrating this process. The sound is likewise generated out of a analogue system wich works with nearly stable frequencies that constantly realign themselves.

In collaboration with Marius Förster.


Ping Pong
eigenart N°83
Published Juli 2013
Download PDF: 2.5 Mb

Layout with basil.js

AStA–Studierendenmagazin der Universität der Künste Berlin
Edition 2500
ISSN: 1869-8956
Editor: Tobias Reisch
Sound: Constantin Engelmann


The 82nd edition of eigenart explores the subject of the soup. The idea of the soup as variouse ingredients creating a bouquet was translated synestheticly into color fragments of a bouquet. Like the flowers the Times New Roman was cut up and lost its serifs. Page-Online wrote an article about this edition.

In collaboration with Marius Förster.


eigenart N°82
Published October 2012
Download PDF: 5.1 Mb

AStA–Studierendenmagazin der Universität der Künste Berlin
Edition 2500
ISSN: 1869-8956
Editor: Tobias Reisch


The 81st edition of eigenart is about similarity. Every magazine is similar but unlike the other. The line painted across all the covers, with its craftsmanship and imprecision, links but at the same time distinguishes each magazine as one of a kind.

In collaboration with Marius Förster.


eigenart N°81
Published February 2012
Download PDF: 5.1 Mb

AStA–Studierendenmagazin der Universität der Künste Berlin
Edition 2500
ISSN: 1869-8956
Editor: Tobias Reisch